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Dr Anil G N

Professor Computer Networks... View Profile

Dr Arunkumar B.R.

Professor wireless Networks,cyber security... View Profile

Dr Bhuvaneshwari Melinamath

Professor Research interest Natural language processing. Ph... View Profile

Dr Usha B A

Professor Information Security, Cyber Security, Compiler Des... View Profile

Dr Thippeswamy Gangappa

Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Satish Kumar Thyagaraju

Associate Professor High Performance Computing, Compilers, Artificial ... View Profile

Dr Hemamalini B H

Associate Professor Research area is Educational Data Mining. Have bee... View Profile

Dr Mahesh G

Associate Professor Wireless Networks... View Profile

Mrs Bharathi R

Associate Professor Computer Networks... View Profile

Dr Sunanda Dixit

Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Document image processing, me... View Profile

Dr Archana R A

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Big data Security... View Profile

Mrs Ashwini N

Assistant Professor Data Analytics... View Profile

Mrs Durga Bhavani A

Assistant Professor Network Security... View Profile

Mrs Vishakha Yadav

Assistant Professor Computer Vision,Software Engineering... View Profile

Mr Anand R

Assistant Professor Data Mining,Network Security... View Profile

Dr Nagabhushan S V

Assistant Professor OPTIMIZATION... View Profile

Mrs Mari Kirthima A

Assistant Professor VANET,Machine Learnning... View Profile

Dr Dhanalakshmi B K

Assistant Professor Cloud computing, Machine learning, Big data , Arti... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi B N

Assistant Professor Medical Informatics.machine learning, data analyti... View Profile

Dr Manoj H M

Assistant Professor Software Code Re usability, Internet of Things... View Profile

Dr Jai Arul Jose G

Assistant Professor Dr. Jai Arul Jose is working as Assistant Professo... View Profile

Dr Arunakumari B N

Assistant Professor Software developement Process and object orinented... View Profile

Dr Srivani P

Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Machine Learning... View Profile

Mr Guruprasad S

Assistant Professor Stock Market prediction... View Profile

Mr Jagadish P

Assistant Professor Image Processing,Computer Network Security... View Profile

Mr Muneshwara M S

Assistant Professor MANET, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing... View Profile

Mrs Ambika G.N

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Mrs Vidya R

Assistant Professor Network Security... View Profile

Mrs Durgadevi G Y

Assistant Professor Network Security... View Profile

Dr Radhika K R

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Mr Shankar R

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Web Technology... View Profile

Mr Rajesh Nv

Assistant Professor Network Security, wireless communication... View Profile