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Dr M. C. Hanumantharaju

Professor Algorithm Design and Design of Reconfigurable IC D... View Profile

Dr Jayadeva G S

Professor Electronics, VLSI design... View Profile

Dr Ambika R

Professor Network Security... View Profile

Dr Anil kumar D

Associate Professor Embedded systems... View Profile

Dr Anitha V R

Associate Professor I Finished My Ph.d In Electrical Engineering At Sr... View Profile

Dr Saneesh Cleatus T

Associate Professor Computational Neuroscience, Deep Learning, Biomedi... View Profile

Dr Vijayalakshmi G V

Associate Professor Pattern recognition, Image processiing, Machine le... View Profile

Dr Shobha Rani A

Associate Professor Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Surekha R. Gondkar

Associate Professor Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Infor... View Profile

Dr Paramita Sarkar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Optoelectronic materials, Solar cells, Wide bandga... View Profile

Prof Asha G Hagargund

Assistant Professor Wireless networks,Mobile network... View Profile

Mr Suryakanth B

Assistant Professor Deep learning... View Profile

Dr Laxmisagar HS

Assistant Professor VLSI... View Profile

Dr Dankan Gowda V

Assistant Professor Signal Processing & Control Engineering Vehicle ... View Profile

Dr Asha K

Assistant Professor Presently working as an Associate Professor at De... View Profile

Dr Suneet Kumar Agnihotri

Assistant Professor My research exprtise in Nanostructured Solar cells... View Profile

Mrs Anna Merine George

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT et... View Profile

Mr Shivarudraiah B

Assistant Professor Ionosphere study, VLSI Design, Embedded systems... View Profile


Assistant Professor Doing Research in RF Domain. Published around 50 S... View Profile

Dr Deepa N Reddy

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication and Signal Processing... View Profile

Mrs Mamatha K R

Assistant Professor signal and image processing... View Profile

Ms Vinutha B

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks and Internet of Things... View Profile

Dr Rashmi N

Assistant Professor Communication systems, Machine learning, Deep lear... View Profile

Ms Shilpa Hiremath

Assistant Professor Image processing... View Profile

Mrs Sabina Rahaman

Assistant Professor thin films... View Profile

Mr Thyagaraj Tanjavur

Assistant Professor Machine learning , AI... View Profile

Mr Jagannatha Kb

Assistant Professor VLSI design, Amorphous solids and thin films... View Profile

Mrs Chandra Prabha R

Assistant Professor Image processing, Machine learning... View Profile